WayPoint Program

Morgen Evan' WayPoint Program is an innovative new system designed to help businesses prepare for sale. It can efficiently manage the process while also 'flagging' key areas that need addressing. Using proprietary software, the system intelligently 'flags' possible issues that may arise throughout a sales process. This issues list is collated on an ongoing basis as the initial review is completed. Along with issue tracking, the program also provides a list of documents that would likely be necessary as part of a due diligence process. These documents can be added to the virtual data room in advance of an exercise. The system can be used to manage the full the value creation system process. It can easily produce agendas to be used for client meetings as well as having a notes section to store all information relating to the client. Morgen Evan start working with the business up to 2 years ahead of the sale and determine the right time to begin the sale process.


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